Daniel R. Conway - Postproduction Artist

About me

Daniel Conway is a photographer, retoucher, compositor, and VFX artist in California.

He loves gaming, painting, dinosaurs, diving, and pizza.

Film & VFX

Because of my cinematic and dramatic style of photography, it was natural to turn my attention to film. My background in stills gives me a solid understanding of composition and lighting that I draw on to improve my cinematography whenever possible.

I've worn many hats in film production, as part of a crew or as a one-man-band. On-set for larger productions, I've worked as a general PA, 1st & 2nd AC, and boom operator.

My real passion, however, is in post. I specialize in matte painting, though I've also worked as an editor, colorist, roto artist, and effects compositor.

More of my work can be seen on my Vimeo and YouTube channels.


San Francisco, CA

email: dan@danrconway.com
skype: dan.r.conway
phone: 415 343 5521
twitter: @danrconway

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Daniel Conway is a visual artist with a broad range of skills including photography, film editing, concept art, matte painting, and visual effects compositing.

He graduated from Brooks Institute where he specialized in post production techniques for both still and video projects, particularly as a retoucher and motion compositor.

If he could see any artist do anything, he's like to see Bierstadt art direct the next Bioware RPG.

When he's not living at a computer, he enjoys gaming, diving, juggling, and geeking out at art museums.